Dress Code

The dress code in place at Rancho La Quinta exists to ensure the private nature of the Club is preserved and is a courtesty to our Members and Guests. This Dress Code applies to all Members, children, family, guests, and tenants. It is the responsibility of each Member to disclose and review the following information with guests and tenants prior to their arrival to any Club facility.

  • Denim is allowed everywhere but on the golf course and must be in good order. Frayed or tattered denim, regardless of the cost of the product, will not be permitted.
The following are Clubhouse and Golf specific guidelines
  • Golf Course and Clubhouse attire must follow the conservative traditions of the Club. The best example of acceptable dress at Rancho La Quinta Country Club is to dress in a fashion begitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club.
  • Men must wear a collarded shirt and it must be always tucked in while on the Golf Course. Int he Clubhouse, Tommy Bahama style and button down shirts may be worn unticked. Tank tops for men are never permitted.
  • Hats and caps are permitted on the Golf Course and all Golf related practice areas but must be worn with the bill facing forward and must be removed while dining indoor anytime. Hats and visors are permitted in all areas for ladies.
  • Shorts are permitted so long as they are Bermuda or walking style shorts no higher than 4-inches above the middle of the knee for men. The same rule applies to shorts, skorts, and dresses for ladies. Slacks are permitted for everyone.
  • Workout, Fitness, or Tennis attire may not be worn in the Clubhouse. It is permitted at the Cantina and all patio areas, including the Main Clubhouse patio.
  • Only Golf shoes with soft spikes or approved shoes are allowed on the golf courses and practice areas. Metal spiked shoes, flip flops, hardsoled street shoes, and ladies' heels are prohibited.
  • The following are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the Golf Course, or any Golf practice area: Workout, Fitness, or Tennis attire, Rugby or Sweatshirts, Tee Shirts, baggy or Cargo shorts or pants, Short-shorts, Halter or thin-strapped tops, Tube-Crop-Tank tops, Racer-back tops, Spandex, Te=ights, or Leggings unless work under Skort/Skirts/Dresses, Beach attire, Hoodies, and non-Golf related slogans, names, numbers or illustrations on clothes.
The following are Tennis and Pickleball Court guidelines
  • Only Tennis shoes made specifically for the purpose of playing Tennis are allowed when playing on the courts. Black-soled shoes or running shoes are NOT allowed on courts at any time. Soft-soled shoes (not specifically designated for tennis) scar the courts and are prohibited.
  • Men shall wear Tennis shirts that have collars; or solid-color T-shirts with sleeves; or "made for Tennis" T-shirts that include the logo of a Tennis Manufacturer or Tennis Organization. Tennis shorts may be plain but must be made for Tennis. No sweat shorts, cut-offs, bathing suits, jogging attire, or Workout clothes will be allowed.
  • Ladies may wear Tennis Dresses, Tennis Shorts, or Skirts with "made for Tennis" tops with our without collars; or solid color T-shirts with sleeves or any "made for Tennis" top that includes the logo of a Tennis Manufacturer or Tennis Organization, and TEnnis shoes as stated in the first bullet point in this section. No Halters, sweat shorts, Denim shorts, cut-offs, bathing suits, jogging attire, or Workout clothes will be allowed.

The Dress Code standards of the Club may be waived by management from time mto time for special activities and functions. Management also reserves the right to make the final determination, in its sole discretion, of what is considered appropriate attire. Examples of Clubhouse, Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball attire can be found at the link below:

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